Saturday, September 27, 2008 - a goldmine of quality pics for your website

When I put up my new dog site a few months ago I wanted to include great pictures. The problem is where to obtain those pictures without damaging the bank account too awfully much. My website:

I checked at
flickr - - and saw that there were plenty of great pictures of tiny dogs from all breeds. My mouth watered.

I am experienced enough on the web to know that it is bad business AND bad form to just take and use Flickr pictures. Some believe you are allowed to use Flickr pics as needed. Not so, at least it is not easy to tell if they are free to use.

So, I found the pictures I needed and sent a Flickr message to each photographer from their profile. I politely asked each person if I could use their photo on my new site. I sent out 20 requests. All answered positively, one said no because he didn't want his pictures on a for-profit website. (I have Adsense on the site).

Thus, you have a good source for great pictures if you are willing to take the effort and time to find them and make a reasonable request to the photographer. Remember, many of the people on Flickr are not professionals but that does not mean their pics are shoddy. Uh-uh. Below is an email I received today from one of the people I contacted. Her picture from the site is at the top of this post.


Hi Greg!
I got curious tonight and looked at the stats on my pics to
see where all the hits were coming from on my
Griffon picture
. Naturally, they're probably coming from
your website! It Is CaliforniaTinyDog.....right? I hope
it was very interesting to read about different
breeds. I looked at the Chinese Crested page and saw the
picture of the dog with the coat...i have a picture of a
hairless one. and that adorable little
Yorkie reminds me
of the day my father brought home our Yorkie from
Scotland...just a tiny little handful. There's a great
little picture of him (somewhere in my possessions) sitting
perky on a Scottish mohair blanket. That was many, many
years ago. I took some pictures of a woman with 4 or 5
Yorkies a couple weeks ago but none of the shots were very
good...the Yorkies were running all over the place!
Anyways...very nice site and thanks for the credit!
Here's this Chinese Crested that i see about once a
week..outside the building where i go to physical therapy
3x a week. He/she's just so perky and sweet.

take care...

Thank YOU, Diana

Greg Cryns

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