Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Babysitting notes from the mom

We are babysitting our 2 year old, hyperactive grandson in LA, CA. (note: pills will be fed to him in grade school over our dead bodies)

Here is a note from Noah's mom (Schmo is little Noah's nickname):

Dangers for Schmo

1. Keep bathroom doors shut & bedroom

2. Keep Schmo’s window closed

3. Keep back gate closed in yard

4. Keep font wooden door closed and locked (he can unlock screen door)

5. Keep all sharp knives on top of fridge (he will get them out of the sink and dishwasher)

6. Make sure dishwasher is on “OFF” when done (not drying or warming) coil ges very hot and I got burned

7. Last night Schmo was banging kitchen window with object almost breaking glass. If he disappears over there that’s probably what he’s doing.

8. Keep laundry room shut and latched.

9. Keep all glass behind locked cabinets

10. Keep refrig locked (watch for chairs being pulled ss kitchen probably getting into freezer)

Enough said!

Greg Cryns
Twitter: /calgreg

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