Saturday, September 13, 2008

Networking: where do I go wrong?

Is social networking all it's hyped up to be?

I love networking. I've done well with offline networking but online networking has me hoodwinked.

It's not that I don't try. To be sure, I do a lot of email and network messaging. I just can't seem to make anything really click, stick, work well.

Maybe I am expecting too much? However, I see a lot of people hyping the benefits of social networking. Are they fibbing? Are they inexperienced? Are they just trying to sell their products? Remember, I am referring just to social networking here, not blogging.

To be sure, I see the benefit of social networking at Twitter if you already are a guru. What I see the gurus doing on Twitter is mainly setting up their next product launches.

My case: I have a Ryze network I started a few years ago. I am proud to say it now has over 4,500 members.

Ryze has been good to me and in a sense I have put myself out there by posting often and joining other Ryze networks. And I do make money by constantly posting offers. However, I don't feel I've connected with very many people to the point that they are friends and that are people I would turn to in a jam.

Whenever someone signs up to my network I go to their Ryze page to welcome them. Below is the message I send and a short conversation I had with a nice lady who is a fitness coach. You will see, I made an attempt to network with her but I was repeatedly pushed away. Although this type of response is not usual (in fact most do not respond at all) it does reflect what people are thinking.

I would appreciate any advice on how to improve my networking efforts. Please place your comments to this post. Please tell us how your networking efforts have paid off.

Here is the Ryze exchange (name withheld)
greg cryns writes:

Welcome to Promote It!

I've been marketing on the Internet since 1998. Glad to say I've learned quite a bit but I am still learning every day.

Please check out Send Out Cards. Here you can use their database to send out large numbers of real greeting cards and/or postcards at the push of a button. It is a wonderful way to be in front of your prospect when he or she is ready to buy. That is essential to success. Write me for details after you check out the SOC site.

Send Out Cards -

Please join my newsletter. I keep the content relevant and I don't spam with silly offers. When something really good comes along I will tell you about it. To join the newsletter go to:

I invite you to post every day on Promote It! I wish you great success in your business and your internet adventures.


Greg Cryns

My Twitter:
Wahm Search Engine -
Work At Home Profiles -

(name) writes:
I have checked out Send Out Cards before and I am not interested. Thanks =)

greg cryns writes:
Hi (name),

No problem. At least you communicated. Most do not. :)

I do understand a lot about getting traffic to websites so if you have any specific questions about that don't hesitate to ask. I see you are a coach. Do you have a blog? If you do, I am interested in interviewing your on my blog. I want people to learn how to make blogs work for them.

My blog:



(name) writes:

Yes, I am a __________ fitness coach and love it since I am passionate about helping people be fit and healthy.

Blogs don't really work for me... I do blog sometimes on my healthsite, but not much..... It is at

Enjoy your evening.

greg cryns writes:
Ok. Have a great weekend. I wish you more success in the future.




Where did I go wrong in this message exchange?

Greg Cryns


  1. Why do you think you went wrong?

    The only thing I noticed is that I didn't think there was not enough information in the exchange to arrive at a conclusion that something "went wrong".

  2. gregbd,

    I hear you. But I felt defeated. What else could I say to her except "See you later"?

    Someone told me I should not have included the SOC info. I think he is right about that.

    But I added this SOC part only a few days ago as a test since I was not getting any feedback directly without an offer included.

    What I am trying to determine is whether social networking is worth the effort for people who sell tangible things as opposed to tips on how to make money - the IM stuff.

    Thanks for responding.


  3. I have been online since 1998 and I have been networking via email and online articles long before SOC networking applications came along.

    It all has to do with how ell they feel connected with you. The sweetest word in every language is someone's name, the next sweetest thing is something about them, their blog/site or what makes them unique.

    I will tell you SOC is a total crap shoot. You can make significant inroads if you are prepared to invest into it massively. People like Mari Smith and Successfool are examples of people who have gone after SOC media with brute force effort and succeeded in getting their name out in the SOC community.

    It takes time and patience. I am NOT the poster for for SOC media success but I get enough traction to make my business go.

    I am working on a new project for CEO's that I will be going after with massive networking - but in a very targeted and focused fashion.

    Relax, have fun.

    Sometimes I think we (myself included) can take ourselves way to seriously. ;-)

    Nice to get to know you a bit more Greg, been following you for a bit. Keep at it.

  4. Greg

    The greeting letter reads like a sales pitch. I'd take out the part about Send Out Cards. Either put an add on your blog or write an article about SOC.

    But leading with that will scare folks off.

    BTW, I am a SOC distributor.