Thursday, October 9, 2008

Try social network marketing to promote your business

Giving advice can be very depressing.

I've been trying to teach people a concept that works for me but most just don't want to hear it.

Amazing concept: You don't sell your product or service in the Internet. You sell yourself!

The Internet is a vast place. But ironically it is also a cozy place. You can check stuff out quickly and thoroughly in just a few minutes. You can also check out people who sell stuff. Just Google their name. Try it. You may be amazed. What you find there are just like offline referrals or offline dissing. Type in "ebay sucks" for example. That will open your eyes.

So, you need to sell yourself because the Internet crowd demands it.

You can tell me that your weight loss product will chew up the pounds in a few weeks. What are the chances that I will believe you and plunk down some hard earned cash to buy it? Slim to none unless you have already formed a bond with the buyer.

You can't sell somebody a product or service until you really do have their trust. This means that in whatever approach you use, the last thing you should do is bring up anything to do with sales. Don't give them the link to your product to buy it, no matter what you've put in your initial contact with them. You have to make them want you to send them more info. You have to make them write back to you and tell you how much they appreciated your honesty. Once you have their interest, then you can start to send them your offer or offers with their permission. Don't try to do it without asking first.

Greg Cryns

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