Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Older dudes and dudettes- let's get it on!

This afternoon I had a great conversation with an old dude. I don't think he will mind me calling him that. He's that cool.

His name is Jim Carpenter. Jim lives in Hawaii. I knew that because all of his emails came to me with the salutation "Aloha". I learned that Hawaii is just two hours away by time zone.

I met Jim through my connections. I run an active network on Ryze and one day Jim popped up as a new subscriber. I've gotten into the habit of taking a peek at the profile of each new subscriber there. I get 5-10 a day new subs a day. Usually I will visit the Ryze page of each one on Fridays. I always initiate some sort of conversation after learning a bit about he person. I think it is a good idea to personalize any communication with someone you have not yet met.

He has a BS in marketing and he served in the USMC during the Vietnam era, discharged as a Captain. Jim has 40 years experience in health clubs and aromatherapy. He also has 16 years experience in home based businesses.

I needed to interview Jim after reading those credentials. Jim consented You can view the interview here:

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying my work more now since I feel direction taking hold again. I am looking forward to work each day after a year in the doldrums. The magic of the Internet is back again.

Greg Cryns
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