Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh iJustine, be my friend?

iJustine is an Internet sensation. She makes funny and very entertaining videos. She can sing. She is clever. She is beautiful as well, You might say I have a crush on her. Maybe I do. (do people still use the "crush" word?)

As of today, iJustine has 33,925 (probably many more by the time you read this) Twitter followers. Not too shabby. She follows only 1,991 Twitter people. I would be delighted to be followed by iJustine. But first I need to get her attention.

Let's start by telling every person who visits this blog from now until eternity exactly where they can find her spectacular blog, Tasty Blog Snack. I always put the emphasis on "tasty". iJustine's volume of work surely is much more than a mere snack.

iJustine is wonderfully talented and we can learn a thing or 100 by watching her video work.

Here is iJustine doing an imitation of Magibon (seen here in the Meme post a couple of days ago).

Thus, iJustine is promoting the meme happening. She does not talk in this one but that's the point.

My goal right now is to get iJustine's attention and to hopefully have iJustine follow me on Twitter. This is not just an experiment. I am in love with iJustine (you know how that works on the web, like I am semi-kidding).

Here is another video by Justine. This was released last Christmas. It shows her vibrant style and her adorable singing voice.

Finally, iJustine's New Year 2009 video brings back many 2008 video marvels of this extraordinary dudette.

Here I am, Justine! Please become my Twitter follower. Something tells me I may be successful getting iJustine to friend or follow me. Or maybe (is it possible?) for iJustine to comment here and leave a pinch of her pixie dust on this lowly blog?

Only time will tell.

Greg Cryns

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