Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prospecting in the local search market

I run a local website for my area called All About Paso Robles. This is a multi-purpose website.

First, the site lends credibility to my work as a search engine expert in my town. I also earn some Adsense income from visitors. As the visitor count rises and awareness of the site grows (it was established no too long ago) I am hoping local businesses will want to buy banner and text ads.

This week I closed a refinance mortgage on my house. The refi was a no brainer with the current rates dropping over 2% from a year ago.

My mortgage banker, Jessica, works for a local bank. She is not a mortgage broker in her own business, but the bank now provides a personal web page for her. This is interesting because my experience with banks is that in the past they are not particularly customer oriented. Banking is one of those businesses that thrive by placing advertising in the right spots at the right time. The sales efforts are limited to offering special interest rates and unique financial services.

Personal sales skills are not a bank's strength.

I gave Jessica a front page button ad and followed that up with an email:


Hi Jessica,

Your ad is up on my website:

As we discussed, it is essential for mortgage companies to get a high placement on the Google page for the search term "mortgages in paso robles". You have a nice web page but if no one visits that page what's the point? People use the web more often now and they also use Google most of the time to find information.

I can make this happen for you but I must charge a fee for that service as it is time consuming to put into effect.The fee is $195 (one time). I guarantee you will be on first page of the Google Local listings and possibly at or near the top of those listings. I will guide you through the process.

Let me know if you are interested. I will be working with other mortgage people in Paso starting next week. I am sure they are not yet aware of the potential provided by the Google listing but they will know very soon.

Thanks for your assistance in obtaining our refi. We are very happy with the result.

< /snip >

I don't know if Jessica will take me up on this offer but I do know she is very interested in attracting new mortgage customers. Let's see what happens.

This post is intended to help you see that you can make money on the web in many different ways.

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