Saturday, January 3, 2009

Online book trailers blast off

I learned about book trailers when I was helping my sister, Mary Alice Monroe, promote her new novel last year.

I love to drop my sister's name once in a while. After all, she is famous.

Here is a book trailer that was created for her previous book, Swimming Lessons, in 2007:
(Yes, that is Mary Alice's real voice.)

Here is the trailer for her newest book Time Is A River.

Online book trailers began to take hold last year. Now they are ready to go nuclear.

If you have talent for any aspect of making video book trailers and you want some gainful employment, I suggest you offer your services directly to struggling authors through the web. You could find some on Twitter or MySpace or Facebook and many other places such as forum discussions or on author websites.

You will find that authors are very social and easy to approach. After all, it's tough to sell books just like anything else.

Technology makes it very easy for authors to publish their creations at places like CreateSpace, a self-publishing site.

You could approach successful authors but it is likely, as in the case of Mary Alice, that she or he already has a publishing house very alert to online book trailers.

Have fun looking at more book trailers!

Greg Cryns

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