Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday card marketing works

Carnival Cruise Lines sent me an electronic birthday greeting this year. We took a short cruise in January.

I know they used an autoresponder to send the greeting but I still feel warm and fuzzy about Carnival for this.

Think about it. How many birthday cards do you receive? Not too many, right?

One of the greatest auto salesmen, Joe Girard, would send out up to 13,000 postcards a month to his customers. He sold over 1,000 new cars in one year doing that.

Try postcard marketing for your business. It works!

Greg Cryns
Send Out Cards


  1. I think birthday marketing works two ways. If you are happy with the company that is sending it, it is great. If I have a bad experience with a product and company and they send me a card or email for my birthday, I see it as a shallow and weak attempt.

  2. Data Quality,

    Yes, but at least they are no worse off, right? ;)