Sunday, April 25, 2010

more bloggers you probably don't know yet

Just had to post this pic SOMEwhere.

Sunday very early morning blog finds

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman
by Rachel Hills - So damned inappropriate! :)

Intelligent Productivity — Work Less, Live More - I am impressed by the thoughtfulness of an Information Marketer. Practical Life Design for Smart People by @TheJohnSoares

The Busy Dad Blog IMO most Dad blogs are boring. Not this one, though. Hi! I'm Asian. While most people can think of at least one mainstream Asian professional athlete, we're still pretty much on the trailing edge of statistical significance in the arena of "cool sports."

Greg Cryns
Work At Home Profiles



  1. Thanks for the props, Greg! In this life, if one can legitimately claim they are not boring, they've accomplished something.

  2. You are welcome, Busy Dad! ;)

    Yes, must avoid boring. Must avoid boring. Must avoid boring.