Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Local improvements for small business

Are you a small business owner? If so, then you probably need to get into the Google Local listings.

Reasons to get into the program:

1. It's free and takes very little effort to set up your listing
2. It is at the top of the Google page of many local searches
3. More people will see your business listing than ever before
4. More people will click on your link in Google Local if you can get into the top seven (you can!)
You don't even need a website to participate

Did you read that? You don't need a website to get a high ranking for your business.

Let's say you are a house painter in my home town of Paso Robles, California. People are likely to search "painter in paso robles" to find a house painter, right? Right.

Now look at the picture below. This was snipped from the first page of my search for "painters in paso robles". Google is now smart enough to know that I am looking for a city in California. If your business is located in a town called "Springfield" I think Google will require more info, such as a zip code or a state name or state abbreviation in the search term.

This is what we nerdy SEO guys call the "Google Seven Pack" because there are always no more than seven business listed, though there are often many more when you click the "More" link at the bottom. What you have are seven very lucky businesses in this Google search.

What is important to me as a guy who tries to keep marketing costs down for my clients is that in the picture below you will see which "painters in Paso Robles" DO NOT HAVE WEBSITES! (they are underlined in red)

When you click on the link where the business is not represented by a website, you are brought to a page that offers important contact information about the business and a map to help people find your business. Here is a picture of that page:

I will soon have a report on Google Local. It will explain how you can get your business listing found there and much more. Send me an email message if you would like to be contacted when I release this product.

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