Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google improves Google Local

There is a good article in the

The article describes the new features added.
  • Service area: If travel to serve customers, you can now list the areas you cover.
  • New advertising feature called "Tags." It costs $25 a month for a business to tag themselves. They get little yellow stickies that highlight their business on Google Maps with tags.
  • Free photos of your business. Google will travel to your business, take nice interior photos and upload them to your page.
  • Customized QR codes. These aren't really popular here yet, but Google is trying to change that. QR codes are those things that look like TV static, but are barcodes. If you take a picture of a business's QR code with certain smartphones, you get a ton of information on the business. Google suggests putting the QR code on flyers and business cards for users.
  • More favorite places. Google is mailing out a fresh batch of Favortie Places decals, which you may have seen in the windows of certain businesses. Similar to Yelp stickers, or even City Guide stickers if you've seen those.

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  1. If you want to make your own business cards with a QR code check out this site:
    it lets you upload your own art or you can use one of the templates. best of all it creates your QR code from your profile so if something changes you can update your profile for free and your QR code on your old cards scan your new info!