Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Local business advice for a new business

Booth at the county fair

My daughter's boyfriend wants to start his own auto mechanic business in Simi Valley, CA from his home. My daughter, a copywriter, wrote up a very nice letter to send to people. She asked my opinion. This is what I opined.....


1. We just got back from our dog walk (you know the routine). Passed the guy's house who gets our car purchases (Gus and Noah) ready to take down to LA. Since Liana needs a car I told Bruce's wife (who was fixing up the garden in front of her house) to tell Bruce that we are in the market for another car. She said, "He is getting a LOT of calls for fixups from people right now."

2. So, I think Robert could definitely make a good part time income from his new business. Think offline networking, though. If I were doing it I would contact every used car shop and even places that fix up cars. There may be some jobs they just don't want to handle (too small) because business is probably booming for them as well. Nothing like a referral from another mechanic.

3. How about a mobile service for oil changes and small fixes? He could put the tools in his truck (?) for the jobs. I know I would pay a premium for that kind of service since I have more money than time right now. People always put off oil changes for that reason.

4. Since a lot of people are buying used cars, I would make sure people know that I am available at my house to check over their new used car for leaks and tire stuff.

5. If you can start a local email list you could send out monthly emails to people in Simi like "All about Simi" and then put an ad for the service.

6. 2 for 1 - Katy could visit each and every business in Simi with a Scentsy plugin to show the owners. When they say, "Not interested" you say "By the way, my friend has a new auto service. He offer a mobile service for oil changes and checkups." Then hand them Bobby's flyer.

Just my 2 cents. Worth what you paid for it. ;)


”I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” - Wayne Gretzky

Greg Cryns
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Here is the email my daughter sent me (see, she is a very good copywriter)
Would you hire this man to fix your car?

Is your check engine light on and you don't know why? Want to make sure that used car you just bought has all its parts in working order? Just selling a car and want to ensure it's in the best working condition?

I am a service technician at a professional car dealership and have years of simple (and some complex) repairs under my belt. I am not ASE certified, but I am a licensed Aircraft Mechanic and can provide a multitude of service checks, repairs and/or general automotive advice. Some of the tasks I can provide at a fraction of the cost of a dealership or mechanic shop include:

For most cars made in 1999 and older:

-Oil changes;
-Battery checks/changes;
-Brake checks/changes;
-Environmental checks/repairs (interior heating, cooling);
-Engine heating, cooling;
-Changes/replacements of belts, hoses, radiators, thermostats, spark plugs;
-General diagnostics (utilizing a CPU to troubleshoot check engine lights and track miscellaneous problems),
-Lighting, minor electrical, and some NON factory radio hook-ups.

For most cars made in 2000 and newer, I can provide basic oil changes, battery testing/changes and some general diagnostics. My expertise on diagnostics for newer cars varies on a case to case basis.

I am local to Simi Valley and am very honest. If you are looking for a hard working mechanic with the know-how and dedication to get your car in decent working order, I'm your number one choice. I do all of my work from my garage and own a complete set of tools.

Questions? Want to schedule a meeting? Respond to this email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Greg Cryns

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  1. I love the idea of a niche shop like checking out a used car. Not real profitable upfront, but will pay off big down the road!

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  3. I love your suggestions! Advice for the letter - Maybe make it really short. I don't always know what is wrong with my car when the "check engine" light goes on.

    Maybe just send a letter that says, "I am an out-of-work mechanic in the neighborhood and am looking for new clients. I am very honest and am looking to help fix your car. Give me a call at..."