Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My newsletter to my membership website

Telling a secret

When I send an email to my members, I try to make sure it is about them, not me. I am not trying to sell products to them. I am trying to help them in any way I can. With that in mind, here is the letter I sent out today.....

Bernadette Pinkard is our newest member (still working on her Profile page). We did an interview that will, I think, make sense to other party plan people. Bernadette is growing her success with three years in business so far.

If you want to be interviewed like this (by email) let me know! Bear in mind that the interview works if it is NOT centered on your company, but rather on YOU and yoru experience in direct sales.

We've got to think outside the box to promote ourselves in the Internet world. That is also why I encourage you to BLOG and to send your good and thoughtful articles to Ezine Articles or, if you send your article to me, I will post it on our website. Make it about 400 words, please, on the topic of your choice related to direct sales.

Since I have experience in promoting websites, I like interviews because they are usually longer than most articles and they contain lots of different, but good, key phrases that Google eats up like candy.

Here is the interview:

Please recommend the website to your friends and acquaintances.

greg cryns
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