Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why I love my Walmart manager

photo by Ryan H


photo credit: Ali West

= Great customer service

See, my very old clunker computer still worked, but it suffers from old age. Takes forever to get up to speed. So I went down to my local Walmart (since I firmly believe in buying at the very low price end since a geek told me that is the best way to buy computers and the fact that my old computer lasted 7 full years - how long has yours been there?) and picked up an E-machine.

Typical for me, I was too lazy to install it immediately because I know that can take an entire day to get the old programs I often use place on the new computer. It sat in its unopened box for 18 days. Then, the geek squad from Charter was called in to check on my wife's connection problem. So, I think I will kill two birds with one stone and install the new computer just before they arrive. See, I just HATE losing my umbillical cord to the web.

Unfortunately, the new computer could not connect with the Internet. We checked the connection with two other computers that were able to connect, so it had to be a problem with the computer, not Charter or my modem that the geek replaced, just for fun.

Double bad - I kept my Walmart receipt but at the bottom it said "Computers can be exchanged for 15 days". Walmart is great for getting refunds, but I thought I was a dead dog on this issue since it was 19 days since I bought the computer.

Gathered up my courage the next day after repacking the computer into it's original box which was not very much like it was originally packed, but what are you going to do? I put the computer into my little car and drove to Walmart.

The first manager I saw was obviously a beginner. Way to young to be the real manager I needed to plead my case. But I told her my story anyway and she quickly said, "Sorry. We cannnot accept computers after 15 days!" Gee, tell me something I don't know. So I say "I want to speak to someone higher up." She tells me there will be a manager in the refunding section shortly.

I go to the refunding section and sit on a bench. 20 minutes later a male assistant manager walks in. I tell my sad story. He says, "Sure. Bring it in. We'll replace it."


1. Never say "Never"
2. Be a squeaky wheel when your cause is worthy.
3. Love your Walmart manager forever.

Greg Cryns


  1. Great story, Greg and thanks for sharing.
    I honestly believe the is a Renaissance in REAL customer service and communication.
    Growing slowly.
    All of my clients who have "switched gears" have experienced increased sales and profits

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