Sunday, July 19, 2009

30 things I've learned about the Internet

30 things I've learned about the Internet

1. 99% of the people you deal with are totally honest.
2. If you never had dial-up service to connect, you would consider suicide if you had to use it.
3. The most important discovery for me was "copy & paste"
4. Whatever happened to live chat rooms?
5. Whatever happened to Guestbooks?
6. Making money on the Internet is way harder than you expect.
7. Most self-proclaimed "experts" are not.
8. How pretty your website looks is not important
9. How useful your website is - that's the ticket.
10. The value of social media is not as strong as some people think.
11. The number of people who see your Twitter posts are miniscule compared to your followers.
12. Facebook is not a good place to market your wares.
13. Linked In is underrated.
14. MySpace has tumbleweeds rolling in it.
15. The most important invention is the mouse. (could we live without it?)
16. Most people don't have a clue what RSS feeds are about.
17. Posting for CNN Twitter is stupid.
18. Every day Google becomes more important to my eartly existence
19. Often it is quicker use the telphone for information than to look it up on the Internet
20. When you really want to know something, go to Wikipedia
21. If an email sounds false, it probably is. Check
22. Craigslist is more useful than eBay
23. If you come up with something new, it's probably not new. Google it.
24. If you MUST remember something, send an email to yourself and also print it out.
25. Good investment: an exterior hard drive for backup
26. Most overrated websites: Digg, Stumble Upon (especially for getting sales), eBay, Alexa, any site that is supposed to help you get more followers on Twitter
27. Most underrated blogs: there are a lot of blogs with great posts that will probably go under because people flock to the gurus who got started earlier
28. Underrated websites: Yahoo (it's still kickin with lots of value)
29. There are a LOT of people who never read any blog.
30. Most people don't care about making money on the Internet

What have you learned?

Greg Cryns


  1. Ref.: 24 - Save the Rain Forrest, leave the printing - mailing to yourself + make note in Outlook should do it, unless your are presenile ;-)

  2. Tina,

    Thanks for the thought. Yes, we need to think conservation now.