Thursday, July 2, 2009

Handling Twitter followers

Why do you follow people on Twitter? I mean, really, if you have more than 200 people you follow then it is near impossible to see all of their posts or even a small portion of them. If you do have time, then you are spending (wasting) too much time on Twitter IMHO unless you are wealthy with nothing else to do.

I can tell that I follow people hoping that I can eventually meet up with them on the phone or in person some time. I believe that email just does not hack it for really getting to know someone. But sometimes they don't follow me in return.

I used to get angry at those people but now I realize that they are not rejecting ME, especially since they know very precious little about me. They are just keeping their channels clear so they don't waste much time.

There are people who you want to check in on occasionally. I suggest that you keep their Twitter name handy in an email file folder. You can check that folder as often as you have the time and desire to see what they are posting about.

Another thing you can do is send them a direct message (DM). Then they will always be available in your DM page but that can get hard to manage unless you reserve DM just for this purpose.

Yet another technique would be to keep a list of these special people in a reserved section of your blog or website. This way you would have a constant reminder of their presence as well.

How do you handle this situation?

Greg Cryns

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