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How to Get Your Blog Published on Amazon's Kindle

Guest post by one of my favorite people, Merle. Kindle is an interesting phenomenon. When the prices come down it will certainly be more widely used. I want to learn more about this.

How to Get Your Blog Published on Amazon's Kindle
By Merle

When Oprah announced on her show that she "LOVES" Amazon's
Kindle, millions of people rushed out to get one. First
introduced in 2007, the "Kindle" is Amazon's electronic
replacement for books. It's a portable, wireless device
that allows you to download books, magazines, newspapers,
even blogs instantly and take them with you anywhere.

Since the Kindle can hold over 1,500 books, that's like
carrying around an entire library in the palm of your

The wireless connection is built in and provided at no
charge by Amazon. There's also a built in browser for
viewing websites and reading emails.

Amazon's Kindle Store has over 230,000 ebooks to download,
plus U.S. and International newspapers, magazines, even blogs.
Almost all of the ebooks sell for $9.99 or less. The latest
model is a larger more improved Kindle DX which was made
available this year. Boosting a bigger screen and longer
battery life, it can even read to you out loud. Now that
makes for a nice bedtime story. It also holds over 3,500
books and sells for about $489.00.

The Kindle can also display PDF's which you can transfer
from your computer with a USB cable. The older versions
of the Kindle could read PDF's and Word documents, but
they had to be emailed to Amazon first to convert them
to a format readable by the Kindle. This option is
still available as well.

So what does all this mean to you? Well, if you're a blog
publisher you can now publish your blogs in the Kindle
Store where users can subscribe to them for a monthly
fee. This is a great way to make some money and increase
your subscriber base all at the same time.

First you'll need to go to
to set up an account and submit your blogs for approval.
Once approved your Blog "goes live" in the Kindle Store
within 12 to 48 hours.

The Kindle gives the user full text and images from the
blogs they are subscribed to, which unlike an RSS feed
only gives you the headlines.

When submitting your blog for approval here's the information
you'll need:

1) Blog Title
2) Blog Tagline
3) Description
4) Image from top of your blog (banner or masthead)
5) Screenshot of your blog (optional)
6) Posting Frequency

It's really pretty simple to get your blogs listed.

So how does the payment process work? Good question,
nice to see you're paying attention. You'll be paid
30% of the monthly blog subscription price. Amazon
sets the price, not you. It's priced on what they think
is a "fair value" for their customers. For example,
my two blogs were set at $0.99 a month.

All blog subscriptions are free for the first 14 days.
Then they're billed at the monthly subscription price.
Blogs are wirelessly updated throughout the day.

You'll be paid by check or EFT, your choice. Electronic
Funds Transfer has no charge, but if you opt for a
paper check and live in the U.S. you'll have an $8.00
fee attached. Payments are sent once your earnings
reach $50.00.

If you publish a blog I'd strongly encourage you to
get it listed in Amazon's Kindle Store. It won't
cost you a thing but a few minutes of your time and
makes for great free exposure..

For more on the Kindle see:

There's a forum for issues related to Kindle for blogs

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  1. Wow! Blogs on kindle?! Never thought of it, but it sounds like a good opportunity!