Monday, July 27, 2009

Is your business website a starving orphan?

It always amazes me how people who should know better do dumb things on the Internet.

My sister, author Mary Alice Monroe, received an email from a newspaper called Charleston City Paper. The email contained an attachment that included Mary Alice's front page photo and two articles from the current paper about Mary Alice's new book release. Fine and dandy.

But why did the rep from the newspaper not send the message with simple links to the pages on the newspaper's website? Seems simple enough to me. Instead she sent clunky .pdf files.

Here is the link she could have sent:

I think too many people consider their business website a separate entity or as a business unto itself and not an integral part of their existing business. Would not it be better to think of your business website as part of your business? Your website is a tool and it can be a very useful tool at that.

How? Many business website owners have no clue about how many people are visiting the site, how their visitors found the site or what their visitors were looking for when they landed on the website. To me, this is a common and very ignorant way to do business on the web. After all, one of the best things a website does is give you hard numbers about how many eyeballs are seeing or not seeing what you toss up there.

You can tweak your website. You cannot tweak an newspaper ad.

Moral - send them to your website to get any detailed information you want them to see. It makes sense and dollars.

In case you were wondering why I put the SEO graphic on top, I think this is an example of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In both cases, you improve both of those concepts by sending them to your website.

Make sense?

Greg Cryns

Wordpress and SEO specialist

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