Thursday, January 14, 2010

Concise writing demands fewer words

Guest post

I love articles the teach how to be more concise in or writing. This article shows how the "that" word can be eliminated. Read on...

Eliminate This Word From Your Ads Now
by Scott Bywater

I'm about to show you a way to make your copy flow better. And
it's probably one of the easiest steps that you could ever take
to improve your copy.

It involves cutting out the word "that" from your copy whenever
it's unnecessary.

For example, the second sentence of this email reads...

"And it's probably one of the easiest steps that you could ever

when it could easily read...

"And it's probably one of the easiest steps you could ever

Notice how it flows better? Notice how the word "that" was
unnecessary in this situation?

Ok, let's look at a few other situations that the word "that"
is used?

Notice how I did it again - the word that could easily be cut out
of the sentence above ;-)

Here's a few other examples:

There's no other way that you could get the same results as you
will with product X.

How do I know that you can cut your accounting bills by up to

Did you know that your headline is the most important part of
your advertisement?

... can you see how the word 'that' can be cut out of each of
the examples above?

So here's what you need to do every time you write an ad or a
sales letter.

Read through it and check for any instances you can see the word
"that" where it is simply unnecessary. And then cut it out of
your copy.

As a direct response copywriter, Scott Bywater strives to educate
business owners on how to generate more leads, get more of the
"right type" of customers, differentiate themselves from their
competition, and convert their leads into sales via his
underground and "outside of the box" strategies. You can get his
copywriting and marketing tips delivered to your inbox via his
eye opening "Copywriting Selling Secrets" newsletter available at

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