Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forum marketing blackhat tactics

You can be sucked into a forum conversation that is staged to get you to buy a product.

Here is how it works:

Two guys get together with the intention of generating a lot of comments about a forum subject.

Let's say the topic is "Offline marketing". This is a hot topic these days.

Conspirator #1 starts it off with a question:
What services are you offering for monthly fees? (note: check his signature file that sells a report)

Conspirator #2 pipes in soon afterward: Here is my experience on how I earn $50K per money with offline marketing. He proceeds to tell us how he makes his money.

The posts pile up. Others are drawn into the conversation. Eventually you have a very long and windy "conversation" going on. The real purpose is to get you interested in the origianal conspirators to the point where you will check out what they are offering. Usually it is a report or a course about the topic.

Advice: watch out for this tactic. Look for exaggerated earnings. Remember that they welcome a flame retort from you because this enhances the conversation.

Here is another twist: sometimes the conspirators are just one person who is making posts for both.

Have you spotted this technique? What do you think of it?

Greg Cryns



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