Thursday, January 14, 2010

SEO: nothing good happens fast

When you visit places like The Warrior Forum you read posts about how to quickly you can get listed in the search engines. They are missing the point.

Whenever I see those posts I can't help but think they are written by rookies. Why? If you have been around for a while you understand that it is more important to have good stuff on your website and that the search engines will eventually put up your website. Usually you can expect your website to appear within a week or two.

This leads me to think of how people continue to attempt to influence their search engine rank by using schemes. A "scheme" is a consistent effort to achieve a result but it is also, by definition, an action that does not quite fit the rules.

A good example is posting comments on blogs with the sole intention of getting backlinks to your website. Something tells me that this is wasted effort for the most part. I think you can obtain some initial benefit with this method, but my experience shows that it is time spent unwisely over the long haul.

I think you would be better off posting at Yahoo Answers.

The urge to get something done quickly is strong in human beings. Think about the last time you tried to rush though a needed job at home. Was the result satisfactory?

Google wants what is good for its users. That is as it should be, in my opinion. To try to scam the search engines is not a good scheme.

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  1. Great post, Dad! Quick fixes usually spring leaks - always great advice.