Friday, July 16, 2010

10 Powerful Small Business Marketing Ideas

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10 Powerful Small Business Marketing Ideas

1. Make a committment to know your customers better. What do they do? What are their kids' names? What is their favorite hobby.

2. Trade shows - think of them as a way to meet people, not to sell product. Follow up with people who show interest. Send them a personal handwritten card immediately following the show.

3. Use flyers more often. Hire someone to hand the flyers out where crowds are.

4. Send your customers a monthly newsletter. Not email, the old fashioned way, throught the mail.

5. Send your customers birthday cards. If you do a good job getting to know them, be sure to ask for their birth date.

6. Hand write letters to your best customers. Give them your home phone number.

7. Ask your customers for recommendations about your products.

8. Ask your customers for referrals. "Susan, I need your help. Can you think of someone else who would like to use my product?" or "Can you think of someone who would enjoy earning free and reduced price products (home party)?"

9. Have a party at your house for your best customers. Make sure they know they are your best customers.

10. Give your best customers a gift they will use in their home. They will never forget you when they use that gift.

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