Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two types of website traffic

Traffic vs. Relevance

A marketer can be likened to a “problem-solving middleman”. A market needs to have a supply and a demand. Picture a great mass of people in front of you, to control as you please. If you said, “buy this product from me,” would they buy it? Of course not! They would need a good reason to do so.

This is the key flaw with what a lot of Internet Marketers believe. Even a lot of seasoned Internet Marketers are chasing after traffic when really they should focus on making what traffic they have more relevant. Let me rephrase that. They should focus on encouraging people who want their product to come to their website.

What would you rather? 1000 people, out of which 1 person might consider what you have to offer, or 100 people, out of which 10 people are clicking, “buy now?”

I have experience in this marketing snafu. A few years ago a porn website took one of the products I was offering (a pregnant keychain) and displayed it on his site as something that needed to be looked at since it was so funny. I had 11,000 visitors to that page during the night. They all came from the porn website. Can you imagine?

How many pregnant keychains did I sell? One. Not sure if the sale came from one of the 11,000 visitors sent by the naughty website.

But I will say this, if someone lands on a porn site they almost always find what they were looking for (protests to the contrary are filed). So the porn site stands to sell a lot of product to the people who knew they were going to that type of website.

You have to make sure that your focus is relevance and not numbers. It’s another situation of quantity vs quality again. I have not yet found an example where quantity wins out.

For a traffic stream such as article marketing, sure it’s important that you have a lot of articles before you start seeing consistent results, but if you write on a topic that your audience does not care about, I guarantee that no matter how many years you write, you will not get much, if any, income.

Treat Internet Marketing as a business and really go out to understand your intended audience and they will treat you well.

Greg Cryns

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