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Direct Sales - Create A Special Experience With Attitude and Flair

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Create A Special Experience With Attitude and Flair
That's my take-away from this article.

A Hot Dog Sales Lesson
By Steve Martinez

It was 10:30 on a Saturday night with nothing to watch on Television. We turned to the Food Network and began watching a show about food. A short segment was on Chicago Pizza which got my stomach talking to my brain. The next segment was on Pink's Hot Dogs. They looked incredible and I turned to my wife who had the same look on her face. It wasn't long before we had changed from our PJs and slippers and were out the door for a late night food adventure for the Worlds Best Chili Dog. My mind tried to reason with my stomach, but it was too late. We needed to discover if Pink's hot dogs did make that snapping sensation when you bite into them and if the mixture of flavors exploded in our mouths.

Sixty four miles later we were standing in line knowing we would be making the drive worthwhile. During the drive my wife told me she felt like a 20 year old and it amazed me how a Hot Dog adventure would turn this drive into a romantic memory. Heck, when I looked into her eyes, she looked like the woman I fell in love with 20 years ago. Anyway, I'm sure she will be telling this story to her friends for sometime. When we finally arrived, the line was long and parking was impossible. I dropped my wife at the corner and parked the car 4 blocks away.

Apparently, we weren't alone in our quest for satisfaction because a crowd of people at this legendary stand created a 45 minute wait. I don't know about you, but I don't usually wait 45 minutes for many things, especially a hot dog. As we stood in line the menu was a testament to the saying, "if you build it, they will come." The names of the different Hot Dog and Hamburger creations made the selection an experience in itself. We enjoyed the legendary chili cheese dog and the Planet Hollywood creation. Our quest for the perfect late night snack was completed.

Create A Special Experience With Attitude and Flair Our adventure made me think, if I was selling Hot Dogs, would people drive 64 miles to do business with me? What can I do to make my business an experience people will talk about? Pink's made the journey from ordinary to extra ordinary a few decades ago. They developed a great chili, blended it with a warm bun, added a great hot dog and served it with flair. Today, they are the "Hot Dog to the Stars!"

What do you sell? What can you add to your selling proposition that will add the attitude and flair that will make you a legend and have people talking about you? If you make the transition, people will do some crazy things to find you. Good Selling

Steve Martinez is the leading authority on automating and systematizing the selling process for the Printing Industry. His company, Selling Magic, LLC teaches business how to simplify, balance and automate the complex selling process.

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