Saturday, July 24, 2010

The personality of a Guerrilla marketer

I am reading Jay and Jeannie Levinson's Startup Guide to Guerrilla Marketing: A Simple Battle Plan for First-Time Marketers. It is a very powerful book.

Here is what they say are the traits of a guerrilla marketer.

The personality of a Guerrilla marketer

You must have all of these traits

1. Patience - your prospects need to know you exist. Once they do that then you must present your message to them often and consistently.

2. Imagination - you need to stand apart from the crowd. I'm not talking about fancy headlines. Not that type of imagination, creativity. You need to do something your prospects have never seen before. example: don't use a 44 cent stamp - use 5- 6 cent stamps and some 2 cent and 1 cent stamps

3. Sensitivity - be sensitive to your surroundings - make sure you are not over-promoting

4. Ego strength - ability to stand up to those who don't love you - you can look at misinformed
well-wishers (friends and relatives who think you should quit) in the eye and continue with your
marketing plan

5. Aggressiveness - you know what it takes to earn money, it's not easy.

6. Embracing Change
a. don't be afraid of change
b. when you see change happening, put it to work for you

7. Generosity
a. give and give some more - help your teammates succeed
b. give a nice present now and then to your customers

8. High Energy - startup businesses need high energy people to succeed

9. Constant Learning - always keep your mind and eyes open to learn new things

10. Love of People - necessity

11. The Ability to Maintain Focus
a. don't worship the shrine of diversification, rather worship excellence
b. add more excellence to your current endeavors - don't go chasing rainbows
c. maintain your focus or else - don't chase gold

12. Takes Action
a. information not acted on is wasted information
b. be a hands on person - learn by DOING

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