Friday, July 30, 2010

She said she's not interested in my product

If you've done any sales work before, you know that the old fashioned telephone is a powerful tool, especially if you know how to use it.

Yesterday I was making phone calls to the local schools in my town. I am offering my candle product for fundraisers. I was moving along at an acceptible pace until I got the dreaded "NO" answer. It stopped me cold in my tracks even though I am used to hearing the word.

She hung up after I told her the company I represented. What? She didn't even want to hear the details? How rude. How ignorant. How mean spirited.
And guess what. She was being efficient. I was a cold call after all. There are plenty of reasons why she was abrupt, not the least of which is that time is valuable. Why waste it talking to someone you know you will reject.

But it is an awful feeling. One which we need to get used to if we want to be successful. What we need to do is.......

Embrace “NO”

You must not be afraid to hear the answer “no”. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. A lot, if you sell for very long. It’s not personal, so don’t take it personally. Embrace it. Learn to appreciate it.

You see, the more times you ask, and even hear “no”, the more opportunities you have to hear a “yes”! No’s can lead to yes’s. Sometimes a no can uncover a problem, objection, or issue that can be resolved and lead to a yes. Even with a definite no, if you’ve served your customer properly, you can take an opportunity to try and get referrals. Always sell. Always ask the questions. The no’s can’t hurt you if you don’t let them, but they can be a big help.

Even when they cut you off in mid sentence. The long awaited "YES" is that much closer.

Greg Cryns
Scentsy wickless candles
Photo by ganessas

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