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Network Marketing: creating additional sales

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It's too bad for people when they think selling is all about getting into someone else's face and barking out platitudes about your product. Sorry, this doesn't work very well. Networking can work if you know how to do it. This article offers some solid tips. I've come to believe that most people fail in their business because they are fearful. Get rid of that fear and you might have a chance.

Network Marketing - Creating Additional Sales
By Audrey Okaneko

I can not tell you how often I hear that you must sell consumable products in order to make money in network marketing.

I completely disagree with this statement. I believe you need to sell a good product at a fair price in order to make money.

I have many ideas for selling non-consumable products to the same customers over and over again:

1. Show your customer how your products can be used as gifts. Provide ideas. Share examples. How might your product be used outside of the normal uses? For example, if you sell makeup and your customer has a child in theater or has granddaughters, sell your products to fit each of these needs. If you sell kitchen supplies, show alternate uses for your products that might fit a gift need. Show how a storage container can be used for craft supplies or show how a gadget can be used outside of the kitchen. Put together special wedding or anniversary bundles and show why your bundle is a better offer than the local store's offering.

2. Talk to your current customers about fundraising. What organizations do they belong to? Do they belong to a church? Do they have a child or grandchild in preschool or private school? Do they have a good friend or family member who is part of a non-profit organization? You have a loyal customer in front of you. Work with them to have them help you get your products into the hands of more people.

3. Ask your customers about taking your catalogs to work with them. If they don't work, what do they do and where do they go that they can bring a catalog or two? Offer them a discount on products for getting you orders. This gets your current customer buying more and brings in additional customers to you.

4. Offer a "refer a friend" program. Both parties get one specific item at a discount or even a free small gift when they both place orders.

5. Offer a "buy five, get one at half price" card. If you can, offer "buy ten and get one free." Many retail stores do this. It causes customers to keep coming back. They want that free item or that half priced item.

When you sell a consumable product you do get repeat business on that one product. When you search out ways to get more product orders from existing customers, you end up with higher total sales overall and more customers in the long run.

Audrey Okaneko has been in direct sales since 1983. You can read more of her articles at or you can Become a Tupperware Consultant

Good tips, Audrey!

Greg Cryns

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