Saturday, September 25, 2010

13 Ways Internet Marketers Lose My Trust

Chicanery: deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry : trickery.

First, I need to say that most Internet marketers (those that sell information products and software) are good guys and gals. Most act like mature, honest business people.

Some, though, practice chicanery when they offer their products. Here are a few ways they lose my trust.

1. Show a video where you can't pause it or do anything else with it except exit. You must wait for an interminable time to find out what it costs. (I've asked some marketers why they do this. It's the rage right now. The answer is always "It works!"

2. Do anoying things "that work" even though they make you look like an unadulturated jerk. Here is an article headline I pulled from Google: Pop-Ups — Sure You Hate Em… But They WORK

3. Make me wade through 3 or 4 extra sales pages to get a free product. Seems to me that there is a direct relationship with a free product and the weight of its suckiness.

4. When I try to leave, you put up a pop up that says, "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" Then offer ambiguous buttons to click.

5. Make your video really long. Chit chat your way to getting to the point. Whatever you do, save the cost of your product for the last three minutes of your boring video.

6. Put a roll of cash, a luxury home and car in your banner.

 7.  Try to get me to call you. When I do, treat me like a 3rd grader. Does that work too?

8. When you do a launch that tells us the "secrets" and shows us how much money you made, pretend that you don't know the product didn't work for you or just ran out of steam (dead).

9. Be sure to put in your headline that you made $38,573 in 12 days!

10. Don't offer payment for your product via Pay Pal. (You know darn well I can easily cancel the payment using Pay Pal)

11. Offer a product for $1 for 30 days and then charge me $97 per month after that. You know darn well I will likely forget to cancel the transaction and then I'll be too ashamed to ask you for a refund.

12. When I do ask for a refund, make me submit a reason.

13. Tell me there is a limited number of products to sell so I better hurry.

Greg Cryns

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  1. Thanks for the tips Greg, I'll try your tips as soon as I get back to work. Keep it up!