Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interesting Spam email

Bubble girl reunning from the dentist kid

I received this SPAM email today. I've never seen anything quite like it. I would like to get your opinion. What do you think? Is it creative enough to read? What else?

Sorry I’m late in writing, but I’ve been in hospitalSunday, September 12, 2010 1:11 PMFrom: "Ed" Add sender to ContactsTo: INFO@WORKATHOMEPROFILES.COM

I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a while, but I had to go into hospital for what’s called a TURP: Trans Urinary Resection of the Prostrate. I know it sounds like the main line from Prague to Vladivostock, but actually it’s an operation on a chap's prostrate and an extremely painful one at that. Before the operation I had trouble trying to pass water and I was in agony and misery. However, now I pee like a racehorse, regular as clockwork every morning at 06:30 on the dot, but I’m still in despair. And the reason for that is, well I don’t wake up ‘till 07:00. Still, that’s my problem no; actually it’s my wife’s. You’ve never seen a woman leap so quick out of bed.

The reason I’ve told you where I’ve been for the past couple of months in as humorous a way as I could muster is by way of an apology for causing you to lose so much money and I can’t say sorry enough and I hope you’ll forgive me. Still I’m here now and about to make it up to you in spades. However, before I go into that you need to know that you’re receiving this message after I visited and had a good rummage around and I feel that you are in a position to help me, but in return you’ll get £75 each time you help me and you won’t even need to lift a finger.

So when I said I have cost you a great deal of money by not contacting you sooner, I’m thinking of all of those £75 amounts that you should have been receiving over the past few months; still let’s remedy that right now: Partner with us, see our affiliate program at and, then by simply sending out an email to your ezine list or/and include a promotional piece in your newsletter or/and add a graphic to your website; you’ll get you a commission of £75 for every sale, payable each month on the dot, by any method you chose.

You don’t even need to write the email, newsletter or ezine as the wording, banners and graphics are provided; in fact everything you want is on for you to copy and paste. All you need do is spend about an hour or two setting it up your end, then sit back and watch as each one of your sign-ups causes another £75 to drop into your new boat fund or your Caribbean holiday home account or whatever it is you’ve set your heart on having; I’ve always fancied a 1968 E’ Type Jaguar, Drop head CoupĂ©, in red, myself, but they’re about as rare as hen's teeth. The bottom line is: your clients keep coming; you keep collecting £75.

Now you might be thinking that the Forex market has no relevance to you, but believe me you would be very wrong and turning your back on this opportunity will cost you dearly, trust me on that. I can guarantee your customers will be very interested indeed in what you’re offering them. In fact interest in the Forex market has never been so popular and has cut across all boundaries - and people from all walks of live are making a fabulous living from the currency markets. In this event our affiliate program is just about up every webmaster’s street and at home on virtually any website and complementing it, including yours. As a matter of interest, after setting everything up, join us on the course yourself. I'm not trying to sell it to you, just do you a favour.

Right, I’ve brought the good news to you and now you'll agree that taking fifteen minutes out of your life to sign-up and a further hour or so to set up your promotional materials in return for potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds, ongoing, has got to be a pretty good deal. And remember you only do it once. Once you've done your bit, sit back and let our proven, high converting website do the rest of the work for you. Oh, yes and, while we talk in pounds because we're in the UK, this is obviously just as relevant and workable in any currency in the world.

As mentioned earlier I visited before contacting you, I emphasise this because you need to know that this message is not the product of some 'shotgun mailer'. After checking out most of the links I recognised that you and those linking to you are involved in entrepreneurial/self improvement/work-at-home type themes. Therefore, as this has got to be about the best entrepreneurial work-at-home venture in a long time; I personally targeted you as I feel your website is a good fit with us and as such, you will make a lot of money as you take the message to people who don’t know about Forex. And they will be forever grateful to you that they were able to discover and learn about it through your website.

In closing this message of opportunity I just want to say sorry for the stratagem at the beginning, but I needed to hold your attention and prevent you dumping this fabulous opportunity in the bin. Even so, what I said was true. I have recently been discharged from hospital after undergoing a TURP and it's no fun, as any bloke who’s had the operation will agree and one is just unable to sit at a computer sending out emails. Therefore, as previously mentioned that is why you are receiving this communication later than I had intended. So you see, everything I’ve said in this message is true and that extends to the affiliate program.

(link to his website removed)


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