Wednesday, September 29, 2010

iBuzzpro could be your ticket to success

When I signed up with the iBuzzpro (voice messaging) team recently, I had no way of knowing that my recruiter would be such a marvelous teacher/mentor. Though her tenure with iBuzz is just slightly longer than my own, her life experience prepared her to be an exceptional  team leader in any business. Below is a message I received from Mary yesterday. I think her words can inspire anyone walking the pot-holed road toward success.
Mary said,

'BUZZ Words' are Important: IBUZZ Does The Heavy Lifting For You: IBUZZ Is A Game Changer; IBUZZ Puts You In The Driver's Seat; IBUZZ Handles The Small Things So You Can Take Care Of The More Important ... anything else?
Use your BUZZ Words and BUZZ Phrases. Let's Build This List Together!

How Do We Close? I've been thinking this through. Here's a 'few':
"The best days to run IBUZZ are Tues., Wed., Thur. Let's get you signed up so I can concentrate on getting you up and running to do your first campaign on ...Thursday. I will give you 100% of my attention and we will get you going!"
(If you have someone 'really' interested.) Quite honestly, I do not believe Monday and Friday to be a good day (maybe I just do not know).
"I will give you my undivided attention. I am cleared out for a few hours tomorrow. Let's get this done so you can get going."

Any ideas ....... guys and gals? We need to be able to 'close'. We cannot leave it just open ended.
Let's work together and make this work! I 'KNOW' beyond a shadow of a doubt we can do this. It is not difficult. It is a matter of consistency. I ran $8.35 today. There are 'two' really strong leads. I want to be able to say and prove: I ran $8.35 and made two sales! With that $8.35 I made $1,000.00!
All ideas greatly appreciated!

Mary J. Principe, 
IBUZZ Distributor

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