Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Facebook Tips

Facebook can be confusing.

1. I went to my wife's page and saw she had none of my posts on it. Until then I thought everyone would see all the posts made by friends of my wife, including myself. Not so.

You will see the posts made by my wife and by people who posted on her wall (which usually is none or not many). So usually, you will see only the posts made by the person whose page you are visiting.

Always check the News Feed or you might miss posts. Look at the profiles of your VIP friends. The TOP News Feed can help you with this. If you are working Facebook for business, take time daily to view the posts that others commented on in the Top News Feed.

2. There is a difference between "personal" and "private". Do not post anything you would not want the whole world to know. If it is truly private, then don't post it anywhere on the Internet.

PERSONAL information can help you create better business relationships. People need to know we are real and want to help before they will do business with us online. After all, they can't shake your hand unless they meet your in person.

3. Be careful about what you post on someone else's wall. There is etiquette involved even thought there is no book written yet about its use on social networking. For example, I think it's ok to say "Happy Birthday" but don't throw in a plug for your product "20% off" and such. If you want to offer a discount or a special, send the person a direct message.

4. Be careful on "tagging". Your friends may not know what happens when you "tag" someone. It goes on their Wall.
The person you tag in a photo will see that photo on their feed, if the setting for the photo album is to friends of friends, your and the tagged person's friends will see the tag as an activity in the tagger's/taggees feed.

If something shows up on your page that one of your friends has been tagged in, but the sender is not one of your friends, you can not comment on it you can only view it.

5. Look over your Profile Page once in a while. Make sure that nothing is on it that you do not approve.

6. Your page can fill up very fast so you may miss what people are posting.  Visit your friend's profile page to be most current. If you want to get a message to someone post directly on their wall or write a personal message that you will find under their profile picture. (added - thank you Nuola Christ, Facebook Veteran!)

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