Sunday, September 19, 2010

bad email spam

I received this spam email today. If you want a good laugh, read through it and see the grammar and punctuation errors.


This is Sarah Chatherine. We do provide a unique article on your topics suggested relevant on your interest at no cost.

No duplication or copying of the article is done. we right contents exclusively for your site on demand.

We also give  Copy rights for articles to your site on security base.

Articles which we providing

* Will be unique.

* Will not be redistributed to other sites.

* You will own the entire copyrights. (note: on the Internets?)

If you are interested we can promote your site on search engines by building back links from high PR, social networking sites.

This SEO service will help you to get traffic and ranking in the search engines

In return we just need simple 2 text links from your site.

Awaiting for your valuable reply.


Greg Cryns
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  1. Ha... I read it, it was funny. I re read it at least three times with foreign accents, It was really funny, but probably also very accurate.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ray. I appreciate it.