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Ecouses - how they can help you get more website visitors and email list opt-ins

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One of my favorite online marketing friends is
AnnaLaura Brown. I found Anna when I was looking for good Youtube videos to hand off to my website subscribers. I wanted to offer some real value for them. Anna has paid off in spades for me. She granted permission to post this fine article about Ecourses. Though I knew a bit about them I didn't know much. This is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to build up targeted website hits and an email list.

Ecourses are a great way to increase your online lead generation as well as to increase your profits.

That said, how do you make ecourses work for you and exactly what is an ecourse?

An ecourse is a series of lessons sent via email to anyone who subscribes and requests to receive it.

You can create an ecourse for any topic you want.

Here are a few examples of my ecourses.  Teaches people about the basics of wordpress.  Teaches people about the basics of facebook for business.

Here are some great ideas for ecourses:

1. If you are in the health and wellness business, you could create an ecourse with 7-10 lessons on a topic related to health and wellness.

2. If you are in real estate, you could create a 7-10 day ecourse on frequently asked questions related to real estate.

3. You could find a collection of free ebooks on a topic and give away one a day for 5- 10 days.

4. You could share a video a day for 7-10 days on a topic.

5. You could share a collection of recipes every day for a certain time frame.

In general ecourses include between 7-15 lessons on a given topic.

To create your own eocurse you need to:

1. Write the lessons for each day.

2. Upload the lessons into an autoresponder. The one I use is http://autoresponder.annalaurabrown.com3. Create an opt-in form.

4. Cut and paste it onto either your website, a blog or a capture page. You can use the free program NVU to create a simple capture page. . If you don’t already have a web hosting account you will need to get one. I recommend, http://hosting.annalaurabrown.com6/ . You will also need a domain name for your ecourse unless you already have a blog or website and want to add it to an already existing one.

7. You are then ready to let the world know about it.

8. Some of the best ways I have found to promote my ecourses are on my already existing blog or website, by including a link there, on twitter, on facebook, or by creating videos on youtube about it.

Your action step for this week is to think about a topic on which you could create an ecourse and then get busy and do it.

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