Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Walter Berbiran, marketing outside the box

Meet Walter Paul Bebirian

I've known Walter for quite a few years on the Internet.  Walter stayed in touch with me through the Ryze network. I own one of the networks on Ryze, Promote It! Both of us spent considerable time on Ryze, because it was a good place to meet new people, to network! It still is a fine place, but many people migrated away from Ryze as the newer social networks blossomed.

When Walter contacted me about something new he found on the Internet recently, I decided I wanted to meet this old friend the old fashioned way, on the phone.

After a little phone tag, I did manage to get through to him. I was surprised by what I learned about Walter.

For years Walter has relied on one primary method of marketing his photography
and art. He picks a spot in downtown Manhattan and hands out his cards to people who pass by. Notably, he's handed out over 2 million business cards.

Watch Walter in downtown Manhattan explain how he gives out his card. Walter told me that he does not say anything when he hands out his card. "If they ask a question," says Walter, "I answer the question."

Here is another Bebirian short video...

The Basic Philosophy - The Slower You Go The Faster You Get to Where You Want to Be!

We marketers talk about advertising online where the people congregate (eBay, Craigslist, Google). Walter uses the same concept offline.

Walter Paul Bebirian website

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  1. Thank you Greg for the surprise posting about me and my "Doubling Project"!

    It was kind of you to both call me today and to post this information about me!

    I hope to speak with you again!!!

    Walter :-)

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