Thursday, October 28, 2010

One good turn deserves another

Yesterday I called Charter Communications about my cable TV service. It's a long story, but let's just say I made some changes and thought the $115.00 charge for closing my old contract with them was over the edge.

First I spoke with the lowest rung on the service chain. She was very nice but tried to understand my predicament. She turned me over to the next highest service person who had the same problem. She, too, sent me to a higher level.

I landed on the phone line with someone who obviously knew his stuff. He was very confident and knew all the right words. I felt like I was on trial so I used my "It's just not fair, is it" approach. There was a silence for about one minute. I just waited. I could hear he was doing something out there in Charter land.

"Ok, Greg. I've just credited your account by $115.00. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

I was feeling very good about myself for staying with the issue for half an hour and also happy about Charter. I said, "You've made my day. Thank you!!!"

So, my good turn here is to tell you, my readers about how a big company like Charter will listen to your complaints and act on them if you make a good case.

What I learned from this experience. People are people. They will act according to how they perceive their employer would like them to act. Thus, I think Charter wants a good customer experience. Customer service is important to Charter and many more companies these days.

If you feel right about what you are complaining about, stay with it. Speak reasonably on the phone. Make sense and magic things can happen.


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I searched "one good turn deserves another" and came up with some good customer service stories.

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  1. A Favorite Topic, Greg. Thanks and appreciate you sharing the good experience with Charter.
    We have a couple of similar posts regarding Customer Service on our Business Building Build Blog, You Can Build It

    Love your blog!

  2. Hello Greg,

    My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager at Charter. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for posting this blog. I am sorry it took 3 contacts to resolve your concern, however. If we can ever be of assistance to you, please feel from to e-mail us at

    Thanks for being a Charter customer!

    Eric Ketzer
    Social Media Communications Manager

  3. Chuck, glad to see you here, my friend. I'll check out your forum.

    Eric, good to hear from you, too! Looks like Charter is very concerned about customer service. I saw a Charter rep at a fair in Long Beach yesterday and told him the short version of this story. It made him smile broadly.