Monday, October 11, 2010

Find the answers - don't look for shortcuts, then TAKE ACTION

Find the Answers

Realize that you may not always have all the answers. Put ego and arrogance aside and go look for help. Look for the people who are already successful at whatever it is you want to be successful in. And learn from them.

Whatever it is that you want to do, there’s someone already out there doing it successfully.

Find people who can show you the shortcuts. This will speed up the process. Plus, they will often times save you a lot of headache and wasted time/effort by giving you little gems that they learned along the way by making mistakes. So, you won't have to make those same mistakes.

Take Action!

This is probably the most important step, and also one of the most ignored one.
Take what you learn and put it to use! Apply what you learn right away, take what you have learned and turn them into "action steps."

Just reading about it, watching a video, or taking a class won't do it. You have to actually do it to get results.

Without action, knowledge is just "useless information."

I don't care how great a course you buy or how great a coach/instructor you find, unless you actually apply the information by “doing it”, you'll never get anywhere. Even with the best training materials and coaches, there will be a "learning curve" to overcome.

The only way to overcome the learning curve is to use what you learn, to apply it. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut around it.

For example, I can give you all the information on "how to drive a car"… all the do's and don'ts… and all the "secrets" I've learned over the years as a driver. But… none of it will be of any use to you… even if you read the information 100 times over.

Until you get into the driver's seat, turn the ignition and start driving around on a "real" road, with "real" traffic signs and "real" drivers around you, you will never learn to drive well. There are some things that you can only learn by ‘doing.’


Of course, it's always great to find the best teachers and coaches to emulate. It will save you from making a lot of mistakes.

But… they can't save you from making all the mistakes. Some you'll have to make on your own in order to move forward. It's like the "driving a car" example I gave above.

Sometimes, people don't take action because they are paralyzed with fear. They are afraid of making mistakes… of failing… of looking silly in front of others.

What they should realize is that, sometimes, the only way to find the "right" way of doing it is to "just start doing" and eliminate all the wrong ways of doing it till you get to the right one. (Learn by doing, remember?)

There is no such thing as "failure." There are only "lessons" you learn as you walk along the path to success. If something doesn't work out like you planned, don't beat yourself up over it. Just learn from it and try again, and again, and again, till you find the "right way" of doing it.

(And as far as "looking silly in front of others" is concerned, remember what I said earlier. "Normal" people never become successful. It's the ones who are willing to do things differently that make it. You have to be comfortable with being different than others. Let's face it, over 95% of the population are not successful. So, why would you worry about looking bad in front of them!? Forget about them and do what the other 5% of the successful people are doing!)

Each time you make a mistake, you are one step closer to success!

Greg Cryns

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