Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Build your business with facebook

Cook up your own marketing plan at Facebook

Building Your Business Using Facebook
By Easther Sudharta

If you run an online business and you aren't using social networking, you are seriously behind the times. You must keep up with the latest trends if you hope to rise above the competition. And it's a safe bet that your competitors are using social networking in their internet marketing campaigns even if you're not.

If you are new to social networking, you should probably start with the one social networking site you're most familiar with. Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you either have a Facebook page or you know people who do. Therefore, you're probably familiar with how it works. What you probably don't know is that Facebook is perfect for building your online business. This is called social marketing and you must become familiar with it if you hope to remain relevant.

Beware of Danger

Remember those old movies that would depict people down in mine shafts and when they went the wrong way, they'd always find a dead end with boards nailed in an X that read 'Do Not Enter'? Well, that's how most internet marketers feel about networking marketing using any social networking sites, let alone Facebook. And there's a good reason for that.

Most internet marketers, even newbies, have heard the horror stories about people being banned from Facebook for spam or, even worse, storied of how people ganged up and went after one particular internet marketer not unlike the torch carrying villagers going after Frankenstein. Facebook and the other social networking sites are for socializing only. Anyone caught trying to sell anything is instantly shunned.

However, social marketing has worked for many people and it can work for you. You just have to know how to handle network marketing on a social networking site. And when it comes to Facebook, this rings especially true. You have to handle Facebook tenderly because you will be banned or shunned quickly the moment someone thinks you're trying to sell them something.

So, to build your business with Facebook, first you listen. Just listen to the conversations and don't say a word. Just find out what problems your social marketing audience members are facing and what needs they have. Then, slowly get into the conversation. Give advice. Help people in need. This will get you seen as an authority over your niche, and people will begin to trust you.

That's when you can use your network marketing skills to 'recommend' certain products because you know what a hard time your 'Friends' are going through. And that's the ticket to using Facebook, and other social networking sites, for your online business. You must remain friendly from beginning to end. Once people start to see you as the go-to person for their niche, and once they start to trust you, then they'll want to buy every single produce you recommend and that means a steady stream of income any social marketing practitioner would instantly be jealous

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