Friday, November 7, 2008

Guerilla marketing - and other non- traditiional marketing techniques

Have you ever heard the term "Guerrilla Marketing"?

Wikipedia defines it this way: The term guerrilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book Guerrilla Marketing as an unconventional system of promotions on a very low budget, by relying on time, energy and imagination instead of big marketing budgets.

A LOT of people are using this technique now, especially on the web. A similar adventure would be "viral marketing." That is introducing an ad or product that attracts a lot of attention just for what it is.

More terms that reflect Guerrilla Marketing:

Buzz Marketing - this is word of mouth advertising - "What's the Buzz?"

Grassroots marketing - attract influential people and consumers in your target market to love what you do and to be cheerleaders for your business

Presence marketing - pulling in customers by being present at large events (does someone have a better definition?)

Ambient marketing - uses everyday objects and surroundings as communication platforms. (correct definition?)

Wild Posting Campaigns - posting pictures on the plywood surrounding construction sites article:

Undercover marketing - from - (also known as buzz marketing, stealth marketing, or by its detractors roach baiting) is a subset of guerrilla marketing where consumers do not realize they are being marketed to. For example, a marketing company might pay an actor or socially adept person to use a certain product visibly and convincingly in locations where target consumers congregate.

Astroturfing -- releasing company news to imitate grassroots popularity - a form of propagand where a few people attempt that a lot of people advocate a cause

Experiential marketing -- interaction with product - experiential marketing presents experiences that attract people to be participants in after seeing that a product fits their needs

Tissue-pack marketing - a Japanese technique of putting ads on portable tissue packages - they distribute over 4 billion of these packages a year, mostly in subway stations. Results: about $75 billion in sales

Finally, here is an example of Extreme Guerrilla Marketing (by a Taxidermist):

Greg Cryns

Scentsy wickless candles-

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  1. I believe the term was originated from the term Guerilla Warfare: