Monday, November 17, 2008

What is the ROI on the new marketing way?

What is the ROI on the new marketing way? If your boss asks you how to MEASURE the ROI on social marketing? First, we ought to be focused on creating great content to attract Google's attention.

Using the new marketing methods YOU CAN MEASURE things like

  1. how many people are exposed to your ideas
  2. how many people have downloaded something for free on your site
  3. how many people have shared your content with someone else – measured by blog links
  4. how many people are talking about your product or service on blogs or other social networks vs your competition
  5. how many people are positive about the competition

But you can't measure everything in terms of ROI. Example, what is your ROI on spending thousands of dollars to keep the grass around your building in tip top shape? What is your ROI in hiring a cute receptionist?

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