Friday, November 21, 2008

Get some SEO smarts to get targeted visitors

It's good to combine knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) into your website content. Why not? It makes sense to use the knowledge you have earned by studying the topic.

SEO is a technique to learn what the search engines like to see on your blog/website and then apply what you learned to your site. For example, keyword research is an important aspect of SEO to help get your website into a high search engine position. But this is just one of many factors in SEO.

So learn some SEO. Yes, it will consume some of your time, but you will be well rewarded and pleased when your visitor counts starts to rise.

Beware of what you read about SEO, though. There are some very uninformed "experts" out there who simply don't have the experience to back up their research. Experience is a primary ingredient to success in any venture.

Here are a couple of good sources to bone up on SEO.

1. John Alexander's Search Engine Workshops . John knows how to outsource. He has the help of Robin Nobles and Martin, his webmaster, to keep things running smoothly. I am a very happy customer of John's as a paid subscriber. There is a whole lot of information on the website. Give it a look.

2. Jill Whalen's High Rankings blog is very valuable. I've been following Jill for years. She won me over when she told us to think about content more than SEO. Both are important, but I learned that when you try to influence the search engines, you tend to get burned.

When you put up a new blogpost, for example, it is valuable to think about a key phrase or two but, more important, is to concentrate on giving your reader lots of value. The search engines will reward you for your effort.

There are other good SEO sites out there. Please tell us who you love in the comments.

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