Sunday, November 16, 2008

iPhone - should I get one?

I need to preface this post by telling you I don't even own a cell phone. My wife owns one we both use. My kids live and breathe for their cell phones.

Me? I don't like to be found sometimes. When I am doing my daily walk with Brujita (my dog), I don't need a phone to interrupt my blissful outside thoughts and my daily planning that goes so well on the trail.

I get enough phone work in my office. Here's a secret about me: I am so arrogant that if you call while we are having lunch or dinner, I won't answer the phone. I mean, how important could that call be. If it is important, they will leave a message, right? If it is a life insurance salesman, he will hang up.

So, now I am reading Chris Brogan tweet about the joys of iPhone. Humbug! I say. Or am I wrong? Is texting next for me? OMG.

Why should I buy an iPhone? Please comment.

Maybe I should simply listen to the advice of my iPhone consultant here....

Peace out!

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Greg Cryns

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  1. If you don't need the mobile internet access the iPhone is just a waste of money.
    If you really needa phone to call or receive calls take a cheaper just-phone phone.

  2. My iPhone has simplified my life. It allows me to constantly connect with other people without focusing on the technology or restarting my phone.

  3. I have to say, I'm a huge fan of the iPhone. I use it for all sorts of organizational tasks.

    I use the Evernote App to record voice, text and photo notes that I can view from my work or home PC (or the iphone, of course) later.

    I use the calendar to remind me of any upcoming appointments which has kept me from double-booking myself for things.

    I use the Yelp application to help find places to eat when in a different city.

    Oh yeah, I also use it to make phone calls every now and again.

    Good luck.

  4. The beauty of the iPhone is that you can use it for whatever you want. It simplifies my life by allowing me to leave my laptop at home (many times in the past I would have taken a heavy Macbook with me). It can make phone calls (but I have a Verizon cell phone for that). And it keeps me on Twitter and IM wherever I go.

    I think it's well worth it, but if you're not even a cell person yet, why not dip your toe in the water with a 'burner' phone - e.g. a pay as you go phone to see if you even use it as a phone.

    I use my iPhone ONLY for Internet.

    Hope that helps.

    Jeff Cutler

  5. I'm in the same boat greg. trying to decide if it's worth the dough. maybe this blog will help me decide as well. keep em comin'!

  6. I have a friend who said to me recently that life is more than work - perhaps - perhaps not - this all depends on a person's personal outlook and with the choices we have today the extent to which a person is at work or doing work or simply just working can range from anywhere to once in a while to always on - no matter where you are - so it all depends on your own personal preference as to where you want to place yourself in the gamut of choices of work - and for that matter even what exactly do you call work -

  7. I'm not a big fan of phones in general, and don't interrupt other things to answer them either. I love my iphone though. Not for the phone part, that is actually kind of marginal. It's the productivity enhancements available through the add on applications. I particularly love it when traveling, not having to carry a laptop all the time is great.

  8. Like someone said above, it saves me from taking a personal MacBook when on vacation. I love my iPhone, it allows me to connect on the go, but it also allows me to connect when I want. A lot of people seem to forget that there is an off button on all our mobile devices. My advice: get one!

  9. I love my iphone - went phoneless for >6 months holding out for the newest ones! I don't use it to it's capacity, and often choose to be "unreachable".

    That said, after the first one or two times I've been lost and used the directions/mapping feature, it's justified my purchase.

    What I love most is having my calendar and ipod with me at all times - I've downloaded a ton of TED and mashable podcasts as well as a white noise app. So rather than eating into my "off/down time", my iphone lets me control when/what my downtime is & how I spend it. For example, getting stuck waiting at DMV can be peacefully tuned out with ocean waves, have daft punk as a soundtrack, or turn into an opportunity to learn about intelligent crows.

  10. I've owned an iPhone 3G since July and I highly recommend it. In fact, the fact that you haven't owned a cell phone makes you the perfect candidate to the iPhone--you won't have to unlearn all of the bad stuff from previous cell phones.

    Think of the iPhone 3G as a hand-held computer that runs a cool operating system that also happens to make phone calls.

    The GPS and the fact there are thousands of apps to choose from make the iPhone critical for me, especially for traveling. And yes, there's enough functionality to replace using a laptop much of the time, especially when taking out a laptop would be inappropriate or awkward.

  11. I don't have an iPhone, but I pretty much agree with everything said here. I want to be unreachable most of the time, but I really could use a GPS system when I get lost (which is often). And there are times when pulling out my macbook to blog is overkill. I would love to blog from my phone.