Saturday, December 13, 2008

3 Step system to become a guru - Terry Dean

(image taken from the video described below)

I did not know who Terry Dean was until today. How did I miss him? I don't know. What woke me up is the video linked below. In that video he said he mentored guru Jimmy Brown (a fellow I greatly admire).

Terry boils down the journey to becoming a guru to three basic steps.

3 Step system to become a guru - from a Terry Dean presentation

1. FAIL a bunch of times - "I suggest you do that as quickly as possible."

2. You accidentally discover something that works by TESTING

3. Tell everybody about your genius, but your forget about Step 1 - but you don't tell anyone about your failures

How to become an expert. You write a book! "It doesn't even have to be a good book."

1. create a basic outline of what you want to write
2. make a working title that will likely be changed later
3. write down some basic points that you want tot talk about
4. start writing and don't quit writing until you are done
5. write quickly without deleting "Write it ALL until you don't want to write any more."

Here is the video I took these notes from.

Terry Dean's website

"Pretty websites win awards. Plain websites with good copy make money."
~ Terry Dean

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  1. I love what Terry says about failing. I would take it a step further and TELL folks about my many interesting failures. :)