Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Page rank SEO examined

Page Rank is a good thing to obtain for many reasons. Mainly it shows that Google trusts the site and, less often, the PAGE inside the site. In the old days SEO meant getting your main page at the top.

Frankly, I think anything below #3 in the results is quite ineffective. So, you need to get in the top 3. It can be done, but.....

Page rank is very important to get search phrases to the top of a Google page results for specific not very competitive key phrases.

Thus, we can't expect my business blog to get PR for "social network marketing" unless it was "social network marketing for the quick and the curious" that would be called a longtail search

This phrase "what question shouild I ask a compnay before become an affiliate" that was searched and resulted in a #3 Google search result yesterday and one visit to this blog so far (notice the misspellings of "shouls" and "company" in the phrase; interesting I still get the #3 rank for the correct spelling of "company" but drops to #5 if "should" is spelled correctly )

"best place to advertise right now" got this blog a #1 today.

also #1 for "email address for kimberly palmer, us news online" I think it is fair to say that this phrase will not be searched too often, but I expect my interview with Kimberly Palmer to get a lot of play in the future since Kimberly works for a large company (US News & World Report) and she is also a well known social marketing rep for them.

By the way, did you know that is now the #2 used search engine now?

greg cryns



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