Thursday, December 11, 2008

Office clutter

Do you have a “read someday” pile in your office? Every day I bring paper into my office that I am sure I will want to “read someday.” Problem is that I seldom get around to reading it.

Another name for this is CLUTTER.

Magazines, newspapers, memos tend to clutter up your office.

More clutter:

Aged-out stuff – cough drops, dried out pens, old calculators

Parts to things long gone – printer accessories, computer cables from computer equipment tossed long ago,

Seminar sludge – all of those things that seemed cool when you attended the seminar but which now look (and are) quite useless, important notes from seminars (hah!)

Convention freebies – those things you put into the plastic bags you get for free at conventions, brochures, crumpled photocopies, samples, stacks of business cards

Pencil/pen holders – what do you keep in them? In mine I see a kitchen knife, a tire pressure gauge, a staple remover, a nail clipper and, yes, some pens and pencils too!

"Things I am working on" - folders and piles “in limbo” projects whose time has come and gone a long time ago

Keys you can’t identify – I am sure I sold that car a few years ago

Golf balls – I gave up that insidious sport years ago but I still have these little round white objects with dimples and little company logos on them

Stack of really valuable CDs – I don’t know what the hell is on them any more, but I am sure I will get to them some day, uh-huh

I read about someone who found a five-year-old uncashed insurance refund check for $800 within the five years' worth of old magazines on top of a desk.

I need to get rid of this CLUTTER. I will do so. After I finish writing this blog post. I will. Why don't you believe me?

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  1. haha! Brilliant post and so true! Send a photo when you have cleaned your office. I'm not holding my breath. ;)

  2. I moved my clutter to a box labeled "Desk Stuff" and put it in storage. I have no idea what's in there, but I'm keeping it anyway. That was 3 weeks ago. I might have to start a 2nd box next week!

    I also have a clutter problem in my Google Notebook. I add a lot of stuff there for review later. It's gotten huge! My GNotebook needs a storage room and an electronic box rather than just files.

    Happy Decluttering!