Monday, February 9, 2009

Email headlines that got my attention

Here are some ad subject lines that went directly to my Yahoo trash bin. The headlines shown below were not SPAM as I did opt-in. But the message contained content that Yahoo felt was spam.

By the way, I am a sucker for local ads because they usually offer discounts. Love that!

What can we learn from them, if anything? Are they creative? Do they demand action?

Member Perks: Time is Running Out ($100 Savings) - this one comes from someone I trust, so I may open it, maybe not

How big is your list? - has some pull power

This site could be banned at any moment - moderate pull

The Habits Of Successful Home Party Business Owners! - strong pull for me

Caroline Middlebrook - this is Caroline's subject line. I open everything from her. I can say that for only a treasured few. Name branding works if you have IT.

[] - the same for Chris Brogan, I open it all - see how he continues to brand his name?

Your Weekly Showtimes from Park Cinema 9 - I like this one because it comes from our local movie house and I want to see what they have to offer Free Shipping and Rollback Specials! - like a magnet for frugal Greg

Only 2 Objectives For You Online Business - this is an example of a newsletter with really good stuff but really crappy headlines, in my opinion

- another name branding effort - has good content!

Say Hi On The Inner Circle Forum But this pulls me in because Willie earned my trust.

like Larry and Sergey from Google called.. - this one had two things going for it -1) I respect the author, Jim Morris, of; 2) I love to hear about Larry and Sergey and any Google news.

What do you think about email headlines?

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