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The Warrior Forum - Internet Marketer hangout

Are you learning how to be a successful Internet Marketer? If so, you will want to visit the Warrior Forum.

All kinds of people hang out there, highly successful gurus,newbies and everything in between.

When you sign up for Warrior Forum be sure to read the conditions for posting. I suggest that you take a look around first. This place can be like a wildwest town that has not yet banished guns. No, really, it is a great place to learn a lot about the Internet and marketing on the same.

If you like what you see, introduce yourself. You can state that you are a beginning marketer and that you want to learn a lot from the members of the forum. You will usually be greeted kindly. There are plenty of people who will give you the shirt off their backs if you are polite and show a desire to learn.

I recommend that you use your real name as your user name. This will help people get to know you. It's all about social marketing these days. Once you start to see some success as an Internet Marketer you will be glad you used your real name to identify yourself. You will be branded.

As always, be careful when picking a password. The Warrior Forum is like any other, only maybe more so filled with some very techie people. As always, the good guys outnumber the bad guys 99.5 to 1.

You will want to create a good signature file in your profile. At the Warrior Forum you must not put in an affiliate link in your signature. You can link to your website or blog or to a product that YOU created.

Like all good forum environments, you do not want to start posting an ad for whatever it is that you do sell. Try that and you will be scoffed and mocked with good reason. Don't do it.

Here are a few of the many sections of the Warrior Forum. Take a look at all of them.

If you go to the main Warrior Forum URL and login, you will find a page with all the different sub forums, as I like to call them. Herewith, you will find the various sections.

Main Warrior Discussion – This is where people hang out most of the time. I would say that at least 90% of what goes on at the Warrior Forum takes place here. The topics can range from autoresponders to Yahoo. The only thing you can’t discuss here is SEO, PPC and Adsense. There is a separate section for those discussions.

Mind Warriors – This part of the forum is where Warriors discuss topics related to self improvement. Most of the conversation here seems to drift towards picking each other up and giving each other encouragement. As of this writing, the big topic is “The Secret” which is a very psychological kind of thing. Not as much goes on here as at the main discussion, but you will find some interesting topics here.

Warriors Special Offers Forum – This is probably the most popular part of the forum even if it doesn’t have the most activity. The reason for that is because this is where Warriors sell their products and services at discounts to other Warriors. That’s why this is so big a place. Warriors know they can get great deals on things that they’d normally have to pay more for outside of the forum. To post an offer there is a $20 charge and the offer runs for 3 weeks.

Internet Marketing Product Reviews – This is where the Warriors get together and review products, or in other words, give their opinions and testimonials on products. You can say anything you like about a product but you can’t post a link to it, as that is considered a form of promotion.

Adsense/PPC/SEO – This section is where Warriors discuss anything pertaining to these subjects. Since this covers quite a bit of ground, there is a lot that goes on here. It is important that nothing go in this section that is not related to these 3 topics or it will most definitely be deleted.

You will spend most of your time in the Main Discussion Area.

Ask questions about things you don’t know. Eventually the forum regulars will get to know you well. Remember, in this environment, treat people as you want to be treated and you will learn a ton about Internet Marketing.

There is so much activity in the forum that your post can be pushed off the main page very quickly. Many times I thought my post was deleted or moved to another section only to find it was on page 2 or 3 withn an hour or two.

The Warrior Forum Special Offers section

Caution: The ads in this section can be very seductive to a newbie. I recommend that you do not buy anything here until you have some significant experience. The products can be excellent but keep your wallet in your pocket for a while.

This is where you put ads for your product or service. At one time posting a WSO was free. There was also a time that you had to have a certain number of posts to even be able to post a WSO. While that restriction has been lifted with the $20 fee, let me tell you the reality of posting a WSO and making any money from it.

The Warriors are a very protective and skeptical bunch. When a new member comes by and immediately posts a WSO, with very few posts, they are going to look at this as somebody who is just trying to take advantage of the forum members and make a quick buck. So the chances of you making any sales to the established forum members, is slim to none. You might be able to make a few sales to some of the newer less knowledgeable members, but even many of them will be skeptical.

So, if you are going to offer a WSO to the members, make sure that you’ve been around for a while and have contributed to the forum.

Your Own Product Or Service – The WSO must be for your own product or service. So if you’re a member of some MLM program, you can’t run a WSO to get members. This has to be your own product or service.

Discount – The product or service that you’re promoting must be promoted at a discount. So if you have an ebook that is selling for $97 at Clickbank and you want to offer it as a WSO, you have to offer it at a discount. There is no set amount this has to be, but the greater the discount, the better your response will be. I suggest a discount of 50% and no less than 20%.

Guarantee – Whatever you are promoting better come with a guarantee, otherwise you are going to have a lot of people reluctant to take a chance on it. Don't fear guaranteeing your product. Either you have a good one or you goofed up. In my opinion, if you do not have a good product, if your research is bad, if you just can't explain your thoughts, then you deserve to make a lot of refunds. Most of the time, though, you will not get many requests for refunds. If you do get such a request, I recommend that you make the refund quickly without a squabble. Just do it that way to save yourself grief. It's not worth your time or reputation to fight it.

Description – Give as complete a description as you can about what you are offering. Take as much space as you need. I recommend hiring an able copywriter to write the offer page description unless you know a lot about copywriting.

What is your experience at the Warrior Forum. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Greg Cryns

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