Friday, February 13, 2009

Caution! All SEO service is equal

This is a guest post from a fellow whose philosophy appears to mirror mine about SEO. Enjoy!

Different Companies Offer Different SEO Services
by Andy Calloway

Search engine optimisation is still a pretty misunderstood service and it's small wonder - people are bombarded with information about it all the time and yet much of this information is extremely confusing and hard for the layman to understand.

SEO services are usually offered in segments with the most obvious one being 'search engine submission' which everybody seems to think is the answer to all their problems. Very often people expect that when they've submitted their site to Google it will be available within a few days - I feel a little sad for them when I explain that it will take six to eight months for them to see any real results!

You see, 'site submission', although it is one of the most common SEO services offered by consultants and 'all things to all buyers' websites is probably a massive distraction. I've seen adverts from companies offering to submit your site to thousands of search engines for very little outlay and many people believe this will get them a boat load of traffic.

Unfortunately, it won't.

Your site will not be ranked highly by Google based on you telling it you exist. It will only rank highly if you tell it that your site is relevant and interesting, and you can't do that by submitting it to all and sundry.

SEO services that are worthwhile

When you engage an SEO services company then you need to be looking for one that understands the need for quality content publication and effective off-site link building. But not just building any old links - they need to be quality links from good websites with high regard at Google and these just can't be bought in bulk.

I have seen adverts for sites offering thousands of back-links for little cash and they really only help if your product or service is in an area that has very little competition. If you have any competition that has done even a little bit of decent SEO, they will beat you. Five good quality links will beat a thousands poor quality links easily.

So, ensure your SEO company is offering a service where they will promote your company through articles, participating in forums and general off-site content building. But you should also be looking at what your site says to your customer. A good site will make it easier for the visitor to buy from you, period. If your site is easy to buy from and your visitors can understand it then it will also be easy for Google to understand.

And this leads on to something I have mentioned in many of my articles - don't ever optimise for Google. Optimise for your customers, they're the ones that buy from you and they're the ones that will eventually make your fortunes.

Andy Calloway is the director of SEO Services at Calloway Green Ltd, a web development and SEO consultancy in the West Midlands, UK. We provide a wide range of SEO services and search engine optimisation to businesses of all sizes. For free SEO information, download our e-book DIY SEO now!

What do you think about companies that provide SEO service?

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