Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today's hot SEO news and links

Search Engine Land has a nice article today: What Results Can I Expect From My Social Media Campaign?

Exposure and buzz - post interesting stories, links, annecdotes
Branding - reinforce credibility, boost customer loyalty, boost your brand
Reputation management - work directly with customers, smoothe ruffled feathersS ales and new business - promote new products, current specials, free offers
Potential negative results - may look like SPAM if not careful

* Google's new Ajax-powered search results breaks search keyword tracking
* Adding Google News to Your Site
* True Live Blogging at SMX West 09 I think this could be interesting. Barry Schwartz, the editor of the Search Engine Roundtable and Keri Morget of Morgret Designs with be providing live coverage.

Other links
* . Teleseminar smarts hosted by Marcia Yudkin
* - Sherice Jacobs has a very informative web design site

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