Thursday, March 19, 2009

Change your website hosting password regularly


Recently I was notified by Google that one of my websites was hacked with malware added somewhere on it. This is like having a brick and mortar store catch fire. Google said the site would be taken out of its index for at least 30 days. I am digging through its many pages to try to find bad code to remove.

Today I received an email message from GoDaddy. This explains how you can help prevent getting hacked on your website. Mainly, change your password regularly. Don't think this cannot happen to you.

Important information about your account

Dear greg cryns,

The Internet is full of criminals looking to steal passwords and other personal information. While your Go Daddy(R) account is safe and secure, it is smart practice to create a password that is difficult to decipher and to change it regularly. With this in mind, we are now requiring you to change your password at least once every six months (for each Go Daddy account in your name). View details of this policy change:

Remember that your best line of defense in keeping unauthorized users from accessing your account is to make your password strong. To do so, follow these simple steps:

- Make it at least eight characters long
- Include at least one number and one special character (ex. ! @ # $ % )
- Vary between upper- and lower-case letters
- Don't use common names (ex. your name, address, email, etc.)

For additional details on our updated password guidelines, visit our Security Center:

Please reset your password(s) today. If you need assistance, contact a Customer Service Representative at (480) 505-8877.

Thanks as always for being a Go Daddy customer.


Bob Parsons
CEO and Founder

Greg Cryns

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